Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Week of January 13, 2014

Technology Classes Grades 1-3

1st Grade: Computer Parts, Long i spelled i_e, SpellingCity, Kid Pix Deluxe, Holidays - MLK Jr. Day
2nd Grade: Math Journal, Big Brainz, Numbers Up, SpellingCity, Holidays - MLK Jr. Day
3rd Grade: BigBrainz-Add-Sub, Internet Safety, Internet Days 1 and 2, SpellingCity, Holidays - MLK Jr. Day

Spelling City
First Grade: 1st Grade Spelling - Week of Jan. 13
Second Grade: 2nd Grade Spelling - 16 nk - Wk of Jan. 13
Mrs. Ker's Class: Mrs. Ker's Spelling Unit 17 - Week of Jan. 13
Mrs. Iman's Class: Mrs. Iman's Spelling List 16 - Week of Jan. 13
Mr. Bunker's Class: Individualized Spelling lists:

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