Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week of February 28, 2011

Technology Classes Grades 1-2

Monday: Computer Parts: Scanner - 3 types, Dr. Dingle's Laboratory
Computer Parts: iPod, iPad, Find the Technology, Spelling City - Computer Parts 2
Wednesday: Dr. Seuss' birthday - Holidays - Dr. Seuss' Birthday. Homework: Read a Dr. Seuss book tonight to celebrate his birthday.
Thursday: UTIPs - Computer Terms, WordPerfect - Print in different sizes. Take home paper.
Friday: Numbers Up 2 (Not on internet) Spacey Math

Spelling City
First Grade Core Classes:
Do 1st Grade Spelling 23 - Week of Feb 28
Second Grade Core Classes: Do 2nd Grade Spelling 21 - Week of Feb 28
Mrs. Iman's Core Classes. Do Mrs. Iman's List 23 Week of Feb 28
Mrs. Ker's Core Classes.
Do Mrs. Ker's Unit 23 Week of Feb 28

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