Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week of November 1, 2010

Technology Classes Grades 2-3

This week we are reviewing typing and subtraction math facts.

Monday: Typeonline - Home, UTIPs
Typeonline- Top & Home, UTIPs, Space Math
Wednesday: Typeonline - All 3 Rows, UTIPs, Island Chase Subtraction, Spacey Math
Thursday: Super Spider Typer, UTIPs, Spacey Math
Friday: Keyboard Climber, Minus Mission, UTIPs

Spelling City
Second Grade Core Classes: Do 2nd Grade Words List 9 Week of Nov. 1
Mrs. Iman's Core Classes. Do Mrs. Iman's List 9 Week of Nov. 1
Mrs. Ker's Core Classes.
Do Mrs. Ker's Unit 9 Week of Nov. 1

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