Monday, May 10, 2010

Week of May 10, 2010

Technology Classes Grades 1-2

This week we do our typing unit. We only work on the Home Row keys. They are expected to use correct fingering while we type. Monday we will use WordPerfect, but the rest of the week they will type on the Internet. Practice at home if possible (See my website.)

Monday: Introduction to all Home Row keys. CD-ROM
Type F J, CD-ROMs
Wednesday: Type D K, CD-ROMs
Thursday: Type S L, CD-ROMs
Friday: Type A ;, CD-ROM

Spelling City
First Grade Core Classes:
1st Grade High Frequency Words 26-49
Second Grade Core Classes: Do 2nd Grade Frequently Misspelled Words-Wk of May 10
Mrs. Iman's Core Classes. Mrs. Iman's Spelling List 32 - Week of May 10
Mrs. Ker's Core Classes.
3rd Grade High Frequency Words 61-90

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