Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week of Febrary 8, 2010

Technology Classes Grades 1-2
We will do a little of everything this week: patterns, computer parts, and celebrate some holidays. To practice spelling words go to Spelling City or click on the orange "Week of February 8, 2010" above and choose the list shown below.

Monday: Patterns links and UTIPs test
School Assembly, Spelling City and Seed Ball
Wednesday: Common Day Computer Parts Day 5: Inside a computer, Growing with Technology, etc.
Thursday: Common Day Celebrate Abraham Lincoln's Birthday: Watch slideshow on Abrahm Lincoln, Do links on coins and money
Friday: Holidays: Valentine's Day

Spelling City
First Grade Core Classes:
Do 1st Grade Spelling 20 - Week of Feb. 8
Second Grade Core Classes: Do 2nd Grade Words List 21 Week of Feb. 8
Mrs. Iman's Core Classes. Do Mrs. Iman's List 20 Week of Feb. 8
Mrs. Ker's Core Classes.
Do Mrs. Ker's Unit 21 Week of Feb. 8

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