Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week of October 5, 2009

Technology Classes Grades 2-3

Monday: No School
Learn keys: . / using the ring and pinky fingers. Homework: Type two rows on Yellow paper or on My Internet page under Typing lessons, do .period /slash.
Wednesday: Learn keys: shift ? using the pinky fingers. Type three rows on yellow paper or on my Internet page under Typing Lessons do shift, ?
Thursday: Review #3 Type a letter to parents. Parents read the letter. Study Study Sheet for Test #2 tomorrow.
Friday: Test #2. No more typing homework. But I encourage the students to find typing games on my website and play them periodically to keep their typing skills accurate. We will practice in class to build speed. Goal for second grade is 10 words/min. Third grade is 15 wpm.
All Second Grade Core Classes
On Spelling City do "2nd Grade Spelling 7 - ue ui Oct. 5".

Mrs. Iman's Core Classes
On Spelling City do "Mrs. Iman's Spelling List 7 - Week of Oct. 5".

Mrs. Ker's Core Classes
On Spelling City do Mrs. Ker's Spelling Unit 7 - Week of Oct. 5.

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